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SES/PB holds seminar on the 2022 Census for managers and educators in Itabaiana

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The results of the 2022 Population Census were the main theme of the seminar offered by the IBGE State Superintendence in Paraíba to servants from the Education Department of the Municipality of Itabaiana/PB. 

The event took place on the morning of April 10th, in the auditorium of the Secretariat. Joelma Lins, the secretary of education in the municipality, and David Ferreira, head of the IBGE Collection Data Agency in Itabaiana, gave speeches at the opening and closing moments of the seminar. 

In his opening speech, David Ferreira stated that “by conducting training for education professionals, the team of the Dissemination Information Department (SDI) of the IBGE in Paraíba reaches an audience that, besides learning, also transfers and applies the data obtained from surveys that were often enormous to carry out. As an example, I mention the 2022 Population Census”.

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Participants waiting for the event to begin

Among the 25 participants, besides the supervisors from 20 elementary schools in the municipal education system, there were three officials from the Secretariat and two Mapping and Survey Agents (APMs) from the IBGE Collection Data Agency in the municipality. 

“It was undoubtedly a very important event. I am sure that those who were there were very pleased to learn about the various possibilities that the IBGE offers to cooperate with education and to know that they can always count on this reliable and accurate organization in their activities”, said APM Lucas da Rocha. 

“In the schedule, following an exposition on the already released results of the 2022 Census, with a focus on locally relevant information, presentations and demonstrations were conducted on how to use the Overview application, where the research results are made available, as well as the IBGEeduca and Cidades@ websites, contained in the IBGE portal on the Internet”. 

“Débora Cláudia, who is also an APM at the IBGE branch in Itabaiana, stressed her impressions about the event: 'I found the closeness between the IBGE and the municipality's education department very relevant. I was surprised by some of the data presented and did not know some of the websites featured in the presentation, such as the IBGEeduca, which offers unique sections, such as students' murals, where it's possible to attach drawings and thus bring the feeling of 'seeing yourself on the screen”.

Civil servant Katia de Freitas presenting IBGEeduca

The presentations were conducted by the servant Kátia de Freitas from the Dissemination Information Department (SDI), who positively evaluated the receptiveness of the educators from Itabaiana.

“It is always a very gratifying experience to discuss the municipal results of the 2022 Census with local educators, as well as to perceive the enthusiasm they show by knowing the digital platforms that facilitate access to statistical and geographic information produced by the IBGE, as well as their dissemination in the school community”, commented Kátia de Freitas. 

At the end of the event, promotional materials from the IBGEeduca and publications from the Institute were distributed to local schools. The aim is that publications such as My First Atlas, the Geographic School Atlas and Brazil in Figures be used in the classroom by teachers and made available in school libraries, aiming to enrich students' learning.

Event participants received materials from the IBGE

The secretary of education in the municipality, Joelma Lins, in her closing speech, thanked everyone involved with the IBGE in Paraíba, emphasizing that “the event was very opportune because it showed us everything that the IBGE offers for us to implement in the classroom, so that our students can know all the data that the IBGE provides us with. So, Itabaiana was privileged to have had this training with managers and all the supervisors, who will be multipliers in our municipal schools. We also received atlases from the IBGE that will contribute a lot to schools and libraries” (Joelma).