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PNDS team interviews deaf informant with the assistance of a sign language interpreter

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The team of the National Survey of Demography and Health in the state of Pernambuco carried out, on January 11th, with the help of a Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) interpreter, an interview with a deaf informant.

For interviewer Alessandra Lessa, it was a unique experience, through which the IBGE promoted accessibility. “We could have missed it, because we couldn't talk to her, but we got an interpreter and went there, the informant certainly felt welcomed... not just her, but the entire deaf community” .

Gerlane Pereira Rodrigues, a student of Libras and IBGE servant, says that she is pleased to be called to help interpret a questionnaire. “It always brings me great joy and great expectations too, because I know that we will be agents that promote social inclusion”, she explained.

Ms. Rogrigues explained that the first step was for the PNDS supervisor in the state, Isailda Pereira, to give her the questionnaire. The servant said that similar to the other interviews she participated in, deaf people remain somewhat reserved, trying to understand the dynamics of it all. So, she tries to explain how important it is for the IBGE for the informant to be available to answer the questionnaire. “After this first moment, they become very comfortable and happy, feeling valued with the possibility of communicating”, she explained.

And as always, it was wonderful! Promoting social inclusion is something that needs to be present at all times when servants work, especially at the IBGE, as this is directly linked to the fulfillment of our institutional mission in terms of promoting citizenship”.

For Isailda Pereira, it is important that IBGE, at least in household surveys, can count on Libras interpreters. “To explain the questionnaires for deaf people, a portion of the population that needs to be included by the IBGE”, she stated. Rafael Viana and Eduarda Brasil also joined the team of interviewers.