In compliance with Decree no. 8,777, of 11/05/2016, which institutes the Open Data Policy for the Federal Government, the IBGE presents information relative to the existence of databases for its surveys and censuses. 

Institutional data catalog

The IBGE keeps all the information it produces in a database, the Metadata Database, specialized in meta-information:


Release calendar

With the release of new surveys and censuses, the data are incorporated into the IBGE databases, in a process of inclusion of new data or update of existing ones. The Release Calendars of Indicatorsof Strucural Surveys and of of Geosciences are available on the IBGE web site.

Open Data Plan

The Open Data Plan, conceived in compliance with Decree no.8,777, can be found here (file updated on 31/08/2016).

User's service 

Requests for database opening should be sent to the IBGE user's service by means of one of the communication channels listed on the user's service page.

Note: As stated in Law No 5,534, of November 14, 1968, “all natural persons or legal entities in public or private law under the jurisdiction of the Brazilian law must provide information requested by the IBGE Foundation so as to help execute the National Statistical Plan.

The information provided are kept secret and will be used for exclusively statistical ends, and under any circumstances will they be used in certificates or as proof in administrative, fiscal ou judicial prosecutions, except those relative to infringement of this law ” (art. 1).

There restraints apply to the opening of databases which may be unidentified or undergo restrictions of microdata access.