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PRODLIST-Indústria - List of Industrial Products


PRODLIST-Industry is a detailed list of goods and industrial services surveyed in the Annual Survey of Industry (PIA) - Product, elaborated according to harmonization and articulation concepts between the Common Nomenclature of Mercosur - NCM, the National Classification of Economical Activities - CNAE and the Central Product Classification - CPC.

With this publication, the IBGE presents the updated version of this nomenclature, which is revised every three yearas. This volume inlcudes annexes with the detailed CNAE structure with reference to industrial activity, the standard units for the measurement of physical output of products and the list of codes which have been updated since PRODLIST-Industry 2013.

PRODLIST-Industry is an important instrument for the organization of surveys and the statistical surveying of products from mining and quarrying industries, also allowing comparability between information on internal production and records of export and imports of goods and services.