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Labor Unions Survey

About - 2001

Carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Employment with the intervenience of the Advisory Board of the Workers Supporting Fund - Codefat, the Labor Unions Survey 2001 aimed at portraying the Brazilian union structure.

The information of the survey was released in two publications. The first one, which includes the first results of the survey, presents statistics on the number of unions, according to the types and economic and professional categories, their regional and state distribution, and their size, according to the member classes and coverage. It also includes aspects of the affiliation of unions to union centrals, federations and confederations and to entities of technical advisory. The second publication includes a wide set of information on the subject, highlighting the following indicators: number of unions and members; unionism rate; collective labor negotiations carried out; characteristics of the unionized persons; ways of representation in the workplaces; major services and activities provided by unions, like manpower qualification and re-qualification; raised contributions; and affiliation to union centrals, federations and confederations and to civil entities of technical advisory, among others. The analysis of these results demonstrates the changes of the Brazilian union organization in the period between 1992 and 2001 and the regional differences noticed.

Both publications include technical notes with methodological considerations on the survey and a glossary with the key terms and concepts to understand the results.

This whole set of information allows to pinpoint the profile of the unions of employers and urban and rural workers in the reference year in Brazil.



As a complementation to the first results of the Union Survey conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and Employment and with the intervenience of the Worker Support Fund Advisory Council – CODEFAT, this publication presents a big group of information which allows the identification of the profile of unions and of employers and of urban and rural workers in the country in 2001. It presents information about the number of unions and their members; union membership rates; collective labor negotiations conducted; characteristics of union members; types of representation at the job place; main services rendered and activities offered by unions, especially the courses aimed at the qualification of manpower; contributions collected; enrollment in union leagues, federations and confederacies and civil entities of technical assistance, among other indicators. The analysis of results evidences the changes occurred in Brazilian unions in the period 1991 – 2001 and the regional differences observed. The publication also includes technical notes, a glossary with concepts and terms used and appendixes with time series of some variables selected from the surveys conducted by IBGE, as well as classifications of the economic and professional categories adopted in the survey.

Time series

Total de sindicatos
Ano 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 2001
Total 9118 9120 9833 10075 10705 11193 15961


Technical Information

Methodological considerations on the Labor Unions Survey can be obtained in the Technical notes chapter of its results publication.

Methodological considerations about the Labor Union Survey can be found in the chapter Technical notes of its corresponding publications.