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Survey of Stocks


The Survey of Stocks investigates information on the volume and spatial distribution of the stocks of basic storable agricultural products and on the units where they are stored, having as the data collection unit the establishments that have appropriate installations or storage facilities dedicated to provide storage services or to store agricultural products as their main activity.

Then called Foodstuff and Fodder Warehouse, the Survey of Stocks began in 1958. Carried out every two years, it aimed at addressing strategic objectives of military interest, like assuring the supply in critical situations for national security. In 1963, the survey became responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture, with an annual periodicity. In 1966, the survey was unfolded into two parts, Dry Storage and Cold Storage. In spite of the data still being collected by the IBGE Data Collection Network, the Ministry stopped to compile them, interrupting the survey from that year up to 1971, when the IBGE resumed total responsibility for the two surveys. Over time, the survey underwent changes, redesigns and improvements in a number of aspects: scope; composition of the informant registry; periodicity; methodology; conceptions; data collection instruments; and way of compilation, which also reflected in its current denomination. The online questionnaire was introduced in the second semester of 2014, providing informants with the option of filling the data through the Internet. An electronic spreadsheet has been used since the second semester of 2016, allowing the informants to fill the data of all the establishments under their responsibility. The format of the spreadsheet allows direct load into the system by the IBGE, without any need to enter data.

The survey provides information on the establishment activity and status, storage type, storage capacity and existing stock of selected agricultural products. The survey takes into account the installations built or adapted for storage with a storage capacity equal or higher than 2,000 m³ or 1,200 tonnes. It should be highlighted that any type of economic activity can be investigated by the survey, with the exception of supermarkets.

The periodicity of the survey is biannual and the data correspond to the dates of June 30 and December 31 of the reference year. The geographic coverage is national, with results released for Brazil, Major Regions, Federation Units, Mesoregions, Microregions and Municipalities.