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Natural Resources and Environment Studies

Fauna and Flora – Obtaining and Digitizing Data on Natural Resources


The inventories are floristic and faunal lists, followed or not by text. They are based on the information registered on the dataset of the IBGE Herbarium (located in the Ecological Reserve of Roncador, under the responsibility of the Federal District Local Unit – Center for Environmental Studies of the Cerrado) and from the dataset of RADAMBRASIL Herbarium (HRB - under the responsibility of Bahia State Unit - Natural Resources Department). These lists result from field exploitation and from the exchange of specimens with other herbaria.

IBGE Ecological Reserve

IBGE Ecological Reserve: vascular environment and plants

This study is the result of an amount of effort devoted to characterizing this environment and revealing its biological richness. It gathers information about the climate, lithologies, relief units, hydrography, analyses on the composition and diversity of the local florula, soil and vegetation types. Moreover, the study updates the previously inventoried list of species from the Reserve, expanding significantly the data listed in the volume IBGE Ecological Reserve, Brasília (DF): list of vascular plants.

Inventory of the Brazilian Ichthyological Fauna

Aquatic Biodiversity: Part 1. The Ichthyofauna of the Federal District

This study was carried out as part of the support IBGE gives to the consolidation of the Ecological-Economic Zoning Project of the Integrated Region of Economic Development of the Federal District and Surrounding Areas (ZEE- RIDE). In the scope of the ZEE Brazil Consortium, the project is coordinated by the MMA’s Secretary for Policies of Sustainable Development. In this first part, there will be a concise characterization of the fish communities of the three hydrographic regions of the Federal District, and a discussion of the groundwork to their aquatic biodiversity conservation.

Inventory of the Flora in the Restinga

The Flora in the Restingas on the North Coast of Bahia – Coast of Coconut Trees and Salvador

This study aims at making it possible for the scientific community, the environmental agencies and society as a whole to have information on the floristic composition of the North Coast of Bahia. This region has been selected as the first one to be studied because, in the last years, it has been subjected to severe environmental impacts. Besides, more recently, large hotel complexes have settled there, deeply modifying its natural characteristics.

Inventory of the Brazilian Flora

Vascular Flora of the Cerrado biome

This study presents lists which compile the available data concerning the floristic composition of the Cerrado biome. It aims at contributing to the formation of more solid grounds to the knowledge of its richness and diversity, making this information more accessible to scientists as well as to the government planners and society as a whole.