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Profile of Brazilian Municipalities

Profile of Brazilian Municipalities - 2008

IBGE is releasing the Profile of the Brazilian Municipalities: Public Administration , published annually by the Institution, since 2003, and based on results of the Survey of Basic Municipal Information, conducted with the town halls of the Brazilian municipalities.

In this publication, the data referent to 2008 are published, aggregated by classes of size of the population of the municipalities, Major Regions and Federative Units, covering, in five chapters, the main thematic areas of the survey.

The first chapter examines the structure of the public service considering the personnel employed, by class of workers and level of schooling. The second chapter evaluates a broad set of information referent to the legislative activity and municipal planning instruments, focusing especially in the urban development and planning policy. The following chapter covers aspects related to the area of housing, with a coverage in the current edition that provides a detailed profile of the local policy for the sector, mainly regarding the activities and municipal programs in the area of “popular” housing. The fourth chapter develops an analysis of the existing organization structure in the municipalities for the sector of transportation, with information about the managing of the different types of available services, besides collective buses. The last chapter recovers the topic of environment, examined for the first time in the edition of 2002 of the survey, and studies items such as the existence of Environment Councils in the municipalities, servants related to environment issues, sources of available financial resources, and articulations under the form of consortiums, associations or partnerships with other municipal entities. Also it analyses impacting environmental occurrences which affected the life conditions of the population or damaged the local economic activities, especially in relation to fishing, agriculture and livestock.

The publication includes technical notes about the survey and a glossary with the concepts considered essential for the understanding of the results. The CD-ROM enclosed with the publication contains, besides the information presented in the printed volume, the complete database of the survey.

The information, also available in IBGE’s website on the Internet, portrays the different realities of the Country and allows to identify the necessities existing in the Brazilian municipalities, contributing, therefore, for the democratization of the public administration, through the formulation and improvement of special policies regarding specific items relevant for the population.